How To Access & Protect Your Assets

Eclectic Tastes

  • If you have already made plenty of money you may pick a more conservative asset spread, such as Portfolio 1, and heavily load up on Bitcoin and Ethereum
  • If you are young with a small amount of disposable income you may be prepared to take more risks and load up on altcoins, like in Portfolio 3.

Safety Net

Deadly Serious

Ramp Down

  1. For short term fund requirements — consider a crypto backed loan, where you borrow fiat against your crypto as collateral. If you can pay back the loan in a short period you didn’t need to convert any of your crypto in the process.
  2. For regular spending — consider a crypto debit or credit card. This is again country-specific in terms of access and taxes, but it does circumvent picky banks. Here’s a comparison of some of the popular cards out there.
  3. The most extreme move of course is to leave the country and take up residence in a low or zero-tax state! Portugal, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and El Salvador’s future “Bitcoin City” are just a few of the options for this.

Know Your Funds

  1. Risk management applies to more than just TA
  2. Understanding your portfolio mix for each phase of the market is key
  3. Crypto insurance is a growing industry and may be a valuable service to some
  4. Plan for how your relatives will (or will not!) get access to your crypto when you’re gone
  5. Make sure you know your pathway to convert crypto to fiat and how to extract value from it




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