Gas Wars

Cold, Hard Gas

Exchange is Gonna Come

Gas Containment

Chain Reaction

  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been doing more transactions than Ethereum since February 2021, and today is doing more than three times as many. It has a max TPS of ~160 and sub-dollar fees, with PancakeSwap being a popular alternative to UniSwap. However, BSC is less decentralized as significantly less validators are required to reach a consensus — hence why it’s also known as CZ chain.
  • Solana is the new kid on the block, currently running close to 2000 TPS, with a maximum planned capacity of 50,000–65,000 TPS. The fees are even lower at sub 1-cent! Migration and launch of popular apps on Solana is starting to happen and some big NFT projects are also going there.

Shards, Layers, and Bridges

There are two major advances happening with blockchain scaling right now:

  1. Layer 2 blockchain solutions: that allow computation and data to be taken off-chain, but still rely on the security and decentralisation of the underlying ‘Layer 1’ blockchain
  2. Layer 1 blockchain communication: that allow any blockchain to talk regardless of it’s foundation

Concluding Remarks

  • The timing of your transaction matters and you should check what the safe low gas fee is
  • Other blockchains outside of Ethereum can be much cheaper if your desired tokens are available there
  • Decentralized exchanges on Layer 2 may compete with the low fees of Centralized exchanges, and come with the benefit of you keeping the crypto in your own wallet




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