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Giving Back

  • UniSwap — a decentralized spot exchange founded in 2018 that issued its $UNI token in Sep 2020, and airdropped 400 tokens to every wallet that had ever interacted with the service before 1st Sep. Those tokens would currently be worth ~$10,000 for anyone that made a single transaction.
  • dydx — a decentralized derivatives exchange founded in 2018 that issued its token $dydx in Sep 2021, allowing past users to claim tokens proportional to the volume they had traded. As an example, “users who traded more than $100K in the past were eligible for about 6.4K DYDX tokens”, which are worth close to $100K today!
  • ENS — a decentralized naming system on the Ethereum blockchain founded in 2017 that announced its token in Nov 2021. It’s airdropping tokens to all existing registrants (~170,000) and proportionally rewards them based on how long they had registered the domain for. This resulted in between 200–1000 token drops, which are now worth $10k — $50k.
dydx Retroactive Rewards

Tips & Tricks

  • IF you don’t have a lot of capital, start looking for the bounty airdrops that only require social media activities.
  • CREATE a separate wallet and email address dedicated to airdrops so you don’t expose your existing funds.
  • START investigating the listings on aggregator websites like CoinMarketCap, and WeBounty to get a feel for how they work. Sometimes following aggregators on social media gets you the chance of exclusive airdrops when they promote projects.
  • NETWORK on Twitter, Telegram and Discord. This is probably the most important rule to increase your chance of a positive return. You will find there are plenty of people dedicated to finding good airdrops and you can help each other out by researching different aspects.
  • READ about a project to see if it’s any good before you jump in. Does it have a whitepaper, good website, credible team? In other words, will the project stick around?
  • BE AWARE that if you want to participate in airdrops on multiple blockchains you will need compatible wallets and will need to hold native tokens to swap and move your funds
  • BE AWARE that if you live in the U.S. your chances of receiving an airdrop from a reputable project are very low due to the regulation spotlight.
  • IF it’s an open secret that a big project is going to issue an airdrop, consider the fact you may be too late to meet the cut-off date for eligibility before rushing in.
  • NEVER provide your wallet seed phrase or password to anyone, or connect your wallet to an unknown user or site (this includes revealing your MetaMask QR code to another user, which is a recent trick for hackers to gain access to your funds)
  • NEVER send money to a wallet first in order to receive ‘more’ back (such as ‘processing fees’, ‘admin fees’, ‘user validation fees’ or ‘community commitment funding’ or ‘donations’).
  • NEVER participate in airdrops where the details are given in an image (typically a fake screenshot of a famous person’s social media profile promoting the project with fake ‘thank you it works!’ comments)
  • AVOID projects with crappy websites, fake links and social media accounts only recently created.
  • ALWAYS cross-check any website with multiple sources such as Twitter, Telegram, Discord etc. (e.g. if you are asked to fill in KYC details)




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