Money doesn’t just fall out of the sky, right? Wrong. You just need to know where to look.

Airdrops happen for many reasons but there are typically two categories:

1. Pro-active airdrops (sometimes called “bounties”)

2. Retroactive airdrops

Early Bird

New projects need to promote themselves in order to get users, grow…

A lot of newbies are always surprised at how much it can cost to send a transaction on the blockchain, particularly on Ethereum, where the fees have risen into the hundreds of dollars on more than one occasion. But why is this happening? …

At first glance, the words ‘staking’ and ‘farming’ could mean any number of things and newbies may be more likely to associate them with Dracula and tractors rather than cryptocurrency. But there’s a lot of lingo in any technical field and crypto is no different. …

For 40,000 years people have used rare objects as a form of currency, bartering to get prized possessions. When the first coins appeared in Mesopotamia 5000 years ago, it rapidly facilitated the exchange of goods, enabled gift-giving and gave states power.

Over the millennia money has become synonymous with success…


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